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    The Tawny


    The Tawny is a very fine Graham's Aged Tawny. Matured for an average of seven to nine years in seasoned oak casks, this is Graham's Master Blender's personal interpretation of a fine, old, wood-matured Port. It is for those who seek a rewarding experience from a well-aged Tawny Port. This younger style of aged Tawny Port preserves some of the grapes' ripe fruit flavours and tannins, which are complemented by the added complexity achieved by almost a decade of aging in oak.

    Charles Symington, Graham's Master Blender, includes in The Tawny some wines that are considerably older so that The Tawny possesses more of the distinctive characteristics of long aging in oak casks.

    Colour: Deep golden-amber.

    Aromas: Complex orange peel and cinnamon aromas, prunes, raisins and figs. A full and generous flavour, with a long, clean finish.

    Occasions & Pairing: Perfect match with almond tart or crème brûlée; or on its own, as a fine after lunch or dinner wine or even as an aperitif.

    Serve slightly chilled.


      10 Year Old Tawny Port


      Graham's 10 Years Old Tawny Port is a tribute to craftsmanship. It epitomizes the passion for excellence and precision that is at the heart of every one of Graham's handmade Tawny Ports. After a decade of care and slow oak-maturation this wine is a wonderful example of the complex flavours of Tawny Port. This is a Port wine for those who appreciate quality in every detail.

      Colour: Deep tawny.

      Aromas: Complex nutty aromas, combined with hints of honey and figs.

      On the palate: Rich, mature fruit flavours; beautifully mellowed; with a luscious, long finish.

      Occasions & Pairing: Perfect match with sweet desserts, such as apple pie with cinnamon or almond cake.

      Serve slightly chilled.

        20 Year Old Tawny Port


        Graham's 20 Years Old Tawny is the result of the Master Blender's quest for the perfect balance between young and aged Port wines. This is a Port wine perfected over twenty years to delight those in pursuit of excellence.

        Colour: Amber; golden tawny.

        Aromas: Excellent bouquet; with a characteristically nutty character and delicious mature fruit; hints of orange peel; exquisitely mellowed by careful ageing.

        On the palate: Rich, softly sweet and smooth; perfectly balanced with a long and elegant finish.

        Occasions & Pairing: Pairs extremely well with nuts, dried fruits and fruitcake, as well as vanilla ice cream and crème brûlée.

        Serve slightly chilled.

          30 Year Old Tawny Port


          The wonders of wood: Graham's is one of the last Port companies with its own cooperage team, who care for each cask individually. This, combined with the skill of the Master Blender, has resulted in Graham's mastering the art of making an outstanding 30 Years Old Tawny Port. The wine's contact with the wood of the cask works hand-in-hand with time to create one of life's greatest wines. This wine is for those who are passionate about the art of great Port wines.

          Colour: Light, orange-tinted amber.

          Aromas: Magnificent nose, showing an array of dried fruits.

          On the palate: Mature and concentrated, with full, honeyed fruit. Gorgeously mellow, with a remarkable, long finish.

          Occasions & Pairing: Fabulous accompaniment to dark chocolate, but can also be enjoyed alone as a dessert in its own right.

          Serve slightly chilled.

            40 Year Old Tawny Port


            Graham's 40 Years Old Tawny is witness to a long-standing tradition. This wine is composed by Graham's Master Blender from wines put aside in the cellar by his great-grandfather, grandfather, father and uncles. The Master Blender also sets aside wines for future generations. Graham's 40 Years Old Tawny Port is for those who appreciate the extraordinary, complex and subtle taste of time.

            Colour: Golden amber, with a pale green tinge at the rim, denoting great age.

            Aromas: Very complex with a powerful fragrance that expresses its age.

            On the palate: An array of flavours, from delicate fruit and raisins, to toasted toffee and chocolate, with an outstanding aftertaste.

            Occasions & Pairing: Fabulous accompaniment to dark chocolate, but can also be enjoyed on its own: an experience in itself.

            Serve slightly chilled.

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