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    Six Grapes

    Timeless Signature Reserve Port

    The Six Grapes symbol originated in the nineteenth century as the code that Graham’s used to identify the barrels containing the very best wines made at each harvest, symbols used to classify wines on a scale of one to six.  These wines were chosen for their outstanding quality and usually bottled as Vintage Port.  By the early 1900’s Graham’s started bottling and offering a wine carefully selected from these ‘lotes’ under the Six Grapes label.  Over a Century later, Six Grapes continues to be Graham’s signature wine and a quality benchmark for the Port category.

    In the Spring, following the harvest, the wines travel from the Quinta dos Malvedos winery to Graham’s 1890 Lodge in Vila Nova de Gaia where they will typically spend a few years in seasoned oak vats before being incorporated into the Six Grapes blend with our Master Blender seeking to preserve its youthful fruit character.

    Tasting Note

    It closely resembles a young Graham's Vintage Port in style: dark red colour with fragrant blackberry and fresh aromas of cassis and liquorice. Full-bodied with a good structure and rich black fruit on the palate.

    Storage & Serving

    Pairs perfectly with dark chocolate based desserts. Bottled ready to drink, serve slightly chilled in a reasonably sized Port glass or white wine glass. It will stay fresh for several weeks once opened. It will stay fresh for two to three weeks once opened.



      Six Grapes Old Vines Edition

      Limited Edition

      It has been over a hundred years since the famous Six Grapes motif was first used on a bottle of fine Port. We decided to bottle a small quantity of a special wine made exclusively from the oldest vines on Graham’s five Quintas. The presentation of this special edition Six Grapes Old Vines Port pays homage to the original Six Grapes label.

      Across the five Graham’s estates we have preserved vineyards of old mixed vines, which are frequently more than forty years old. These beautiful, gnarled old vines produce immensely low yields of fruit, which grow in small, tight bunches with intense concentration and complexity.

      This wine was only available in very limited quantities.

      Tasting Note

      As would be expected from a wine made from such low yielding vines the Six Grapes Old Vines Port is deep purple in colour. It has complex floral aromas, redolent with rockrose, menthol and anise. The richness and opulent character of the wine is perfectly balanced by its refreshing acidity. It has great structure and concentration, with mineral notes that express the Douro’s schist soils, black plum and liquorice, all complemented by a lingering velvety smooth finish, the result of the ripe, fine grained tannins from these mature vines.

      Serving Suggestions

      The Six Grapes Old Vines Port is a perfect wine to pair with desserts such as cheese, dark chocolate or berry fruits. It is also ideally suited to drinking after dinner to fully appreciate its long finish and complexity. Serve slightly chilled, between 16-18° C. There is no need to decant.


        Six Grapes River Quintas

        Special Edition

        Six Grapes Special ‘River Quintas’ Edition pays homage to the original Six Grapes label, our signature Reserve blend.

        We chose two classic riverside vineyard sites for this special blend, the first being the nineteenth century stone terraces at Graham’s Quinta do Tua, which are remarkable for the sheer thickness of their schist walls. The over fifty year-old mixed varietal plantings from this vineyard, typically picked early in the harvest, consistently produce outstanding results, with minimal average yields of 0.65 kg of grapes per vine. We managed to make outstandingly concentrated Ports from this vineyard.

        Just downstream at Graham’s flagship Quinta dos Malvedos, the ‘Vinha dos Barcos’ vineyard produced extraordinarily concentrated Touriga Franca grapes picked towards the end of the harvest. These 32-year-old vines benefit from a very favourable south/south-west aspect, the plentiful exposure to the Douro sun suiting the late-ripening Touriga Franca

        Tasting Note

        Deep bluish-purple colour, as opaque as a young Vintage Port. Aromas of blackberry and cassis with hints of mint and eucalyptus, ending on a note of tar and spice. Concentrated on the palate; dark plum, liquorice and chocolate flavours, balanced by a wonderful fresh acidity and a persistent, taut finish.

        Storage & Serving

        This exceptional Port will delight at the end of a meal, served with rich, nutty or chocolate desserts as well as a variety of cheeses, including blue cheese. Alternatively, it may be enjoyed on its own; it is a dessert in itself. The wine will keep for several weeks after opening and is best served slightly chilled.


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