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    Extra Dry White

    The most important grape in this bone dry White Port is the Malvasia Fina, which gives this wine its attractive crispness and young citrus fruit characteristics.
    This wine is a blend of traditional Portuguese white grape varieties, including Gouveio, Malvasia Fina, Rabigato, Viosinho and Moscatel. The grapes are vinified with limited skin contact. The Extra Dry White is fermented for a longer time to allow more of the fruit sugars to be reduced by the natural yeasts, giving this wine its crisp dryness. It has a refreshingly zesty grapefruit character.

    Graham's Extra Dry makes an excellent aperitif and can be used in a number of cocktails, including the famous Port Tonic. The flavours are particularly enhanced by the addition of a twist of lemon or a mint leaf.

    It should be served chilled, between 6 and 10º Celsius.

      Fine White

      The Fine White is a slightly sweeter blend than the Extra Dry. This is achieved by fermenting the grape must for a slightly shorter time to preserve the natural sugars in the fruit, which give the Fine White its flavours of honey and nectar and its slightly richer amber hue. It has sweet citrus characteristics and maintains a good balance of freshness and delicacy.

      It should be served chilled, between 6 and 10º Celsius.

        Blend Nº5 White

        Graham’s Port’s head winemaker, Charles Symington, selected two premium Portuguese white grape varieties - the fresh Malvasia Fina and the aromatic Moscatel Gallego - to produce this new blend.
        The grapes are hand-picked and cold fermented in small batches. Graham’s Blend No.5 is bottled 3 months after the harvest to preserve maximum freshness and should be drunk young. The wine is medium dry, deliberately designed to mix well with tonic whilst also being an excellent standalone drink.
        Due to Graham’s Blend No5’s micro production (less than 6000 bottles), and the popularity of premium port in the UK, Blend No5 is only currently available to the UK market.
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